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Released: 19th November 2001.

Robbie Williams - Swing When You'e WinningNever has a UK male artist been so diverse with their musical style than the one and only Robbie Williams. I was somewhat sceptical on how well Robbie could pull a swing album off, but I'm reasonably impressed.

The instant smash "Somethin' Stupid" of which you'll all be familiar, is the very obvious stand-out track from the album. I also enjoyed the duet "Things", which could also make a possible future single, but I don't think anything else would perform as well as the first single.

I will give Robbie credit however for not sticking with one style or formula and reflecting the mega sales, and for the fact that this album has a truly international, universal appeal.

The only question is: where does Robbie go from here? Another Swing album?

* * * (Matt Wilson)

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