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Released: 3rd December 2001.

Hear'Say - EverybodyThe made for TV band Hear'Say return with their second album only nine months after releasing their debut LP.

This album doesn't produce any >oohhs or >aahhs and seems to feature a lot more stroppy ballads like "Angel In My Heart". Actually, the only song worth listening to is the lead single "Everybody".

The new version of "Pure & Simple" on this CD was a rip off - sounding exactly like the original version with a few more beats.

Possible follow up singles, which could maybe scrape into the top 20 if lucky, include "Suddenly" and "Back Down To Zero".

All in all "Everybody" is only for die hard fans of Hear'Say. If you are after quality songs it might be best to wait for the third album from Popstars.

* * (JamesCarter)

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