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Released: 16th April 2001.

Sunshine Anderson - Your WomanSome say that the debut "Your Woman" by the delicious Sunshine Anderson is a modern classic, other say it's not so good. Who's right then?

Starting with the obligitory intro, this has a quirkiness about it that happily leads you into the opener, "Better Off". This is the only time that her vocals sound a bit like Mary J Blige's, however seem a lot stronger. The song is a grooving, bass driven head nodder, that makes you want to get up and dance. As does "He Said, She Said", along the same lines as "Better Off", yet the vocals have immediately jupmed from average to brilliant soul souring vocal accrobatics.

"Heard It All Before". What can I say? Genius, absolutely brilliant. The guitars (like Issac Hayes), beat, and wonderful vocals ooze class. We then jump into one of the four skits, which are interesting to say the least, and straight into "Lettin Down My Guard". This opens with a nice piano, but then comes on hard with sweet vocals and hard beats. Another brilliant cut from the duo of Sunshine and her Producer, Mike City.

"Where Have You Been" and "Saved The Day" come on along these lines, and then we come to the kliller cut, "Lunch Or Dinner" - the second single that unfortunately flopped. Another classic track is "Last Nite", which with her vocals complimenting the male guest artists, is a masterpiece.

The title cut is another nice bit of soul music, as is "Being Away" and "Crazy Love" - which has the best loop on the album. "You Do You" comes back with the funk that introduced us to the album, and is again brilliant, clever and classic! "A Little Sunshine" wonderfully closes the album.

Every one needs a little Sunshine in their life. Hpe this makes you investigate again, or go buy a classic album that was overlooked by people who were expecting a modern, Destiny's Child type set, but instead got sweet soul music! I got me sunshine on a cloudy day with this album.

* * * * * (brand_nu)

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