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Released: 21st January 2002.

Christina Milian - Christina MilianIf you haven't heard her name yet, you probably haven't listened to the radio for the past month. Her debut single, the instantly catchy R&B tune, "AM to PM", has brought her much attention, the single debuting at No. 3 in the UK singles chart. Certainly, from this song alone, Christina Milian has made a name for herself.

Perhaps that's why this album comes as a slight disappointment. Hot on the heels of the huge success of "AM to PM", the album has a few catchy, upbeat tracks, though none contend with the brilliance of the debut single. Stand-out tracks include the Destiny's Child-esque "You Make Me Laugh", which is a potential future single from Christina, as well as the slightly less brilliant "When You Look At Me", which would also be a likely choice for a future single.

The most disappointing tracks are the three collaborations, all of which seem a waste of time. The best of the three, featuring Ja Rule, is far from outstanding, while the other two are boring and dull, especially when sandwiched between the likes of "Twitch", "You Make Me Laugh" and "AM to PM".

Milian certainly has a great voice, and proves herself on some of the downbeat tracks. "Until I Get Over You" is a fantastic example of one of the slower success stories of the album, the vocals and production both immaculate. "It Hurts When..." is a similar track and, though it doesn't pull itself off quite as well, still is a great song.

Unfortunately for Christina Milian, she has become a victim of having a debut single which is too good, especially when compared to the remainder of this album. Overall, the CD is far from bad. However, it stops short of excellent, being fairly inconsistent throughout.

* * * (DS)

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