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Released: 23rd October 2000.

Gabrielle releases what is easily the best and most beautiful song from the album "Rise". To listen to it properly, you need to sit back and relax, and you'll end up drifting off into the music. The criminal shame is that such an amazing song has been largely ignored by Radio 1, and is therefore doomed not to do anywhere near as well as "Sunshine", "Rise" or "When A Woman". If there was any justice, this song would reach the top spot.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

The fourth single from her successful third album is another fantastic tune made complete by Gabrielle's unique vocals. At first listen this is nothing special, for a single at least, but it's pretty catchy and is definitely a grower. It's maybe a bit weak to make as big an impact on the charts as her No. 1 smash "Rise" did, but it should nevertheless be a hit, hopefully making the Top 10.

* * * * (DS)

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