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Released: 14th February 2000.

Christina Aguilera - What A Girl WantsReleasing the second track from her debut album, Christina takes a less catchy pop/R&B route. The result isn't as instant as "Genie In A Bottle", but this one certainly grows on you. It's not amazingly upbeat or anything like that, but Christina's vocals really bring this one to life in a way that only she knows how. Christina wins this round - now it's Britney's turn.

* * * * * (DS)

The second single from Christina Aguilera has the same feeling as the first. With a nice uptempo beat, Christina shows us her true vocal capabilities in this song. The lyrics are about a girl being happy with the boy she's in love with, while in the video she gives the impression that she's an experienced and adored pop star... isn't that a bit soon after only two hit singles?

* * * * (oscar)

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