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Released: 28th October 2002.

Christina Aguilera - StrippedIt's been three years since Christina Aguilera came into the music scene with transatlantic chart-topping "Genie In A Bottle" and her self-titled multi-million selling album.

On "Stripped" Christina makes a return, writing and producing on the majority of songs. Does it live up to the expectations then?

The album really starts with the Lil Kim featured "Can't Hold Us Down", a funky R&B track, that has >Girl-Power anthem written all over it. Then there's "Walk Away", a gorgeous and very powerful song, and one of the album's many highlights.

"Fighter" is another great song, where Christina thanks all those "haters" for making her stronger, harder, wiser, and, well, a fighter. Fantastic. Next up is the latin flavoured "Infatuation", it sounds great, and hopefully, it'll be released as a single.

"Loving Me 4 Me", is a beautiful, heartfelt song. Finishing with a poem, it's one of my favourites. The Alicia Keys composed "Impossible" is probably my least favourite song. It's not a bad song, but in my opinion, it sounds too much like an Alicia song. It could've easily been a track on "Songs In A Minor".

"Underappreciated" is a good song, but didn't really do anything for me. I sometimes find myself skipping this track. "Beautiful", the next single, >is beautiful. There is no other word. The song wasn't written by Christina, but she sings it with a lot of emotion, and the song seems to mean a lot to her.

"Make Over" is amazing. It sounds a lot like "Overload" by the Sugababes, which maybe why I like it so much. Christina screaming the chorus has to be the best part of the song. It sounds, well, bonkers, I think is the right word. "Cruz" and "Soar" follow, two great songs, with very uplifting choruses.

"Get Mine, Get Yours" would make a great single. Christina sings about her casual realtionship, and how she wants to keep it that way! The huge No. 1 "Dirrty" has to be my favourite from the album. I can't praise this song enough. Very sexy, catchy, great to dance to, and Redman's rap sounds fantastic.

"The Voice Within" is a little boring, and goes on for too long. "I'm OK" has some disturbing lyrics. Christina sings about her abusive father, and how he has affected her life. A very personal song. The album ends with "Keep On Singin' My Song", and she does! On and on, and on! It's a good song, but it's goes on for nearly 6 and 1/2 minutes!

"Stripped" is Christina laid bare, a very impressive, personal album, full of well-written and well-sung songs.

The only bad thing about this album is how long we had to wait for it.

* * * * * (Aliiyssa DiMarco)

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