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Released: 2nd December 2002.

Mariah Carey - CharmbraceletAfter an emotional breakdown and a flop of a movie, Mariah is back stronger than ever with this offering.

Moving from Sony to Universal via Virgin hasn't effected Mariah Carey in any big way, at least that's the impression you get as a listener. Her sound has changed slightly, as Mariah is into new styles, which reflects in the upbeat tracks such as Boy (I Need You)", "You Got Me", "Irresistible" and "Subtle Invitation".

However Carey also goes back to her roots with her big trademark ballads, such as "Through The Rain", "I Only Wanted", "My Saving Grace" and the remake of Def Leppard's "Brining On The Heartbreak", which all showcase her outstanding voice.

Mariah Carey is an artist that sold 185 million albums worldwide and this album is another reminder why. Highly recommended.

* * * * * (Karl Gambin)

Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet"Charmbracelet" is very different from any other album by Mariah Carey. It is a big improvement since the "Glitter" fiasco, that's for sure, but is that enough to get back that credibility and respect she once had?

Firstly, the uptempos never fail to get you moving. "Charmbracelet" has fewer appearances by rappers than "Glitter" did, instead it shows off the hip-hop tinged R&B sound that Mariah made popular and does it like no other. For instance, "Boy (I Need You)", covering Cam'ron's 2002 hit and featuring the rapper himself, is a great song for when you're in the clubs. "Irresitible" is a song perfectly described by the title itself, try resisting it!

There are, of course, some obligatory ballads too. Mariah uses her whispery voice in many of them, mixing it with the powerful sound of her full voice. "Through The Rain", the Top 10 comeback single, is just remarkable. So is "Yours", but her rendition of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak", originally recorded by Def Leppard, is the true star here.

* * * * (Brandon Phillips)

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