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Released: 24th January 2005.

Ciara - GoodiesCiara's career got off to a good start after the title track from the album topped the UK chart as well as enjoyed a seven-week reign at the top of Billboard Hot 100. Produced by Crunk&B master Lil' Jon and featuring Petey Pablo, this was a sure-fire hit.

However, Ciara's vocal performance on the virtually monotone song led many to believe she would be the next in a long line of talentless one-hit-wonders.

It's fair to say that Ciara is no Whitney, a fact she has herself admitted, but she's not without her charms.

"Goodies" has many highlights, most being the up-tempo tracks where Ciara's soft vocal is supported by sleek production - "1,2 Step", "Lookin' At You" and "Oh" ft. Ludacris are screaming out for future release. That said, Ciara can pull off slow burners just as well - "And I", "Thug Style" and the honey-coated, R.Kelly-produced, "Next To You", being the standouts.

Comparisons to Ashanti and the late Aaliyah are inevitable, but whether Ciara has the longevity to sustain a career to match the successes of theirs is questionable. With a debut album as solid and coherent as "Goodies", she has at least secured a fate other than that of a one-hit-wonder.

* * * * (child_destinys)

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