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Released: 23rd October 2000.

Martine McCutcheon - I'm Over YouThe first single from Martine's second album, due out in November, shows that she isn't just a pretty face. The song is perfect pop, and quite a catchy number, which looks set to take her straight into the Top 10. It has a very 80s feel which is evident in the video. In fact this is the poppiest single she has done so far, and hopefully the album will have more of the same.

* * * * * (Ben Inder)

This is easily the best single Martine McCutcheon has released so far. It's more uptempo than her previous songs and will definitely be a Top 10 hit on Sunday. It's basically bouncy pop music, but you can't really compare it to anything else. It may sound a bit 80s, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

* * * * (Ben Cook)

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