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Released: 17th January 2005.

Thirteen Senses - The InvitationIf you find yourself wondering why Thirteen Senses sound so familiar, it's because the band used Danton Supple's trademark laid-back and soothing production talents, previously shown on Starsailor, Elbow and Coldplay's recordings. The question is, do we really need them?

"The Invitation" is filled with guitar riffs that compliment the general mood the LP gets you into, accompanied by simple yet deep lyrics.

The single "Into The Fire" is possibly the best song here, and a very wise single choice and opening track. As you continue listening to the album you witness some real indie rock gems. The debut single "Thru The Glass" is reminiscent to the opener and the atmospheric "Do No Wrong" and "The Salt Wound Routine" also deserve a mention.

On the other hand, the album also includes some more upbeat songs, such as "Saving" and "Lost Forever", not losing its basic appeal of unwinding the listener.

"The Invitation" will appeal to pop and rock fans alike and is perfect for those Sunday mornings. The band and its lead singer Will South carry off the album to a tee and prove there certainly is room for Thirteen Senses.

* * * * (Tiger)

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