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Released: 10th January 2005.

Vanessa Carlton - HarmoniumTwo years after the release of "Be Not Nobody", the multitalented Vanessa Carlton returns with her second LP.

The lead single, "White Houses" explores the singer's personal experiences, but it's in "Streets Have No Name" that Vanessa shows all her power with the piano. Other highlights include "Annie", "Afterglow" and "Winter", as well as the catchy pop number "Private Radio".

"C'Est La Vie" reminds you that Carlton is not just a good pianist but also a terrific vocalist, which contrasts with "Papa", a mini piano concerto with the vocals drifting somewhere in the background.

"Harmonium" isn't dissimilar to the debut album, yet it explores a little further both musically and lyrically, making it a richer and more mature offering.

* * * * (CitruZ)

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