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Released: 10th January 2005.

KT Tunstall - Eye To The TelescopeKT Tunstall is tipped to be one of the new biggest things in 2005, and I for one really really hope that comes true. This time last year I bought two albums by hardly known acts Scissor Sisters and Maroon 5, and by the end of the year they held two of the top 3 bestsellers of the year. I'm hoping this will happen again.

Having accidentally downloaded one of her songs ("Heal Over"), I was instantly hooked and bought the album. You may have heard of her and think shes just another Dido clone, but believe me she isn't. Her music is simply beautiful, and there isn't one track on here that is in any way dull. She shows her soft chillout side on "Other Side Of The World", "Silent Sea" and the brilliant "Heal Over", while "Another Place To Fall" and the single "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" show a more funky side to KT.

This is a wonderful example of great folk pop music, and if you like anything by Dido, Katie Melua, Sia or even Norah Jones, then please pick up this album.

* * * * * (Tom Eames)

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