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Released: 31st January 2005.

Athlete - TouristNearly three years ago, UK indie kids Athlete bursted into the Top 40 singles chart with their debut single "You Got The Style". With its cheery pop sound and witty lyrics the song was a hit amongst critics and radio stations alike. Despite the moderate chart success, the band's debut album, "Vehicles And Animals", was a great achievement, earning them a Mercury Music Prize nomination.

By 2004 the band have decided to ditch their well-known brit pop sound and go onto more serious measures. The result: their second album, "Tourist".

Even though their new sound mimics the likes of Coldplay, Keane and Radiohead, Athlete are still fresher than ever. Take, for example, the lead single "Wires". It sounds sensitive, moody and very orchestral, but there is still one thing that doesn't make it a dull effort - its catchy melody.

Besides "Wires", there are a few highlights. The very electric "Half Light", the sympathetic "Street Map", the choir-full "If I Found Out", and of course, the beauty of the song that gives the album its title.

"Tourist" many not be as colourful as their debut, but it sure as hell grabs your attention.

* * * * (Dave Kirkham)

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