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Released: 23rd October 2000.

Spice Girls - Holler / Let Love Lead The WayTheir solo outings have proved extremely popular, but has the Spice magic rubbed off yet? Not really. This double A-side should be yet another chart-topper for the supergroup, and though their target audience seems to have changed a lot, both sides of the single are top quality stuff. "Holler" is a strong R&B effort and a definite grower, while "Let Love Lead The Way" is a beautiful, slow ballad. Their vocals seem very much improved and the production on both tracks is perfect.

* * * * * (DS)

After their long absence as a group, I expected a much stronger comeback single. The Spice Girls will say this is a huge change for them, as "Holler" is a lot more R&B-flavoured. However, if you're actually into R&B, you'll know this style by heart and realise it's a predictable little ditty. It would have been better suited as an album track or B-side, not as their first single for two years.

* * * (Angela)

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