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Released: 6th October 2003.

Mariah Carey - The RemixesLong before J.Lo discovered she could keep re-releasing her singles by remixing them, Mariah was the Queen of remixes. In a bid to extract more cash from Mariah's back-catalog, Columbia are releasing another compilation, focusing on the remixes. This time the album includes tracks recorded with her new record label as well.

"The Remixes" is split into two CDs. CD 1 is given over to dance remixes, while CD 2 goes in an urban direction. It's likely you will prefer one CD to the other.

CD1 has classics such as the C&C club version of "Anytime You Need A Friend" and the HQ2 radio edit of Mariah's 2002 single "Through The Rain". But without a doubt, the highlight is the David Morales mix of "My All", a track that was just as big as the original when it came out as a single.

Most people will go straight to CD 2, as it is the better, or at least most obvious of the two. The thirteen tracks are a mixture of the biggest urban remixes, singles and album tracks. All the most popular remixes are on this album, from the remix of "Fantasy" with O.D.B to "Heartbreaker" with Da Brat and Missy Elliot.

As well as the urban remixes, the singles "Crybaby", "Breakdown" and "Sweetheart" make an appearance on here. It may seem weird, but it kind of makes sense as they share a similar style.

The only disappointment is the absence of one of her most popular remixes, "I Still Believe/Pure Imagination". That doesn't stop this from being a great way to celebrate Mariah's thirteen years in the music business. Some of the songs may be more than ten years old, but they still sound as great as ever.

* * * * (Dazzle)

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