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Released: 30th October 2000.

Westlife - My LoveEveryone in the world of pop seems to be turning against Westlife, and I don't blame them. They really need to start making some different records because all they can come up with are second-rate ballads. This song is OK - I don't hate it, but it's nothing they haven't done already. In fact it just sounds like "If I Let You Go" with new lyrics. Needless to say, it'll shoot straight to the top.

* * * (Ben Cook)

Oh dear. Though this is pretty similar to all their previous singles, I think it sounds most like "Fool Again". And they must think that we'll be fools again to buy it. Let's face it, this is awful right the way through. Has anyone thought of telling them that they don't >have to keep releasing ballads? This is just boring, unoriginal, and doesn't even deserve to reach the Top 10. Come on Westlife, can't you be a bit more imaginative?

* (DS)

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