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Released: 3rd November 2003.

Hilary Duff - MetamorphosisNot much is said about Hilary Duff in the UK. Apparently she is fairly big in the USA, having appeared in a movie or two and a TV show. But in Britain she is mostly known for releasing a half decent single, that was "So Yesterday". Therefore, purchasing the album was pretty experimental.

"So Yesterday" is a catchy rock pop piece, with some amusing lyrics, and a fun vibe running straight through it. The fun theme is continued in "The Math", a track about boys and maths. Other highlights include the bonus track "Why Not?", future single "Come Clean" and "Workin' It Out."

All those tracks are good, but the album doesn't seem to get better than that, until it reaches the short and sweet "Little Voice", in which Hilary Duff sings about friendship and love.

If you think Avril Lavigne is too hard, Amy Studt is too soft, then you may like this, but otherwise, stay away - it doesn't differ from the rock pop genre. At all.

* * * (Twixy)

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