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Released: 29th September 2003.

Obie Trice - CheersNormally, being the protege of hip-hop mastermind Eminem would be more than enough to ensure massive success. Except of course, when your mentor has another protege, and his record released six months earlier was a multi-multi-platinum phenomenon. This is the dilemma that eccentric Detroit rapper Obie Trice found himself faced with with his debut "Cheers".

It's doubtful that anyone Eminem had handpicked to collaborate with wouldn't have the necessary skills to pull off an entire LP, but with Obie's charismatic and larger-than-life persona; he doesn't just rhyme over Em's beats, he owns them.

"Got Some Teeth" revealed the quirky rapper as a tight rhymer with a flair for the humourous and it's evident on tracks like "Average Man", "Cheers", "Hoodrats" and "Oh!"; but real signs of artistry begin to show on the record's more personal tracks. "Lady" ft. Eminem, "Look In My Eyes" ft. Nate Dogg, "Never Forget Ya" and "We All Die One Day" ft. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Eminem showcase a tremendous triumph of rhyme skill, wordplay and beats.

Be sure also to check out the star of the LP, the Dre and Em-featuring "S**t Hits The Fan", a well-timed and extremely well-rhymed diss-take on Ja Rule. A mighty effort that sadly was overshadowed by 50 Cent's scheme to get rich, or die trying.

Best track: S**t Hits The Fan
Worst track: Bad B****

* * * * (Muzikritik)

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