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Released: 6th November 2000.

Backstreet Boys - Shape Of My HeartAfter touring this summer, the Backstreet Boys are back with yet another fantastic tune. "Shape Of My Heart" is taken from their forthcoming new album "Black And Blue" and has a more mature sound, especially the second verse sung by AJ. The song has already been a US No. 1, and is sure to be an instant hit in the UK too.

* * * * * (Taylor Adams)

The boys are 'back' (they haven't even been away that long) with the first release from their upcoming fourth album, and to be honest, it's nothing new. It's the same type of mid-tempo love song we're used to hearing from them. They use the same backing track over and over again, and their fans buy it over and over again. Could do better.

* * (Angela)

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