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Released: 29th March 2004.

Janet Jackson - Damita JoAfter the disappointing sex-themed "All For You" album, Janet Jackson returns with a new album... about sex.

Do not let the catchy lead single, "Just A Little While", fool you, as it is nothing like the rest of the tracks on here. "Damita Jo" ditches Janet's trademark R&B/pop sound and takes a much less commercial route.

The title track hears Jackson reflecting on her public persona: "Do you think I'm that girl that you see on TV?" being an obvious reference to her infamous Superbowl stunt. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are yet again behind the majority of the tracks, but it's newcomer Kanye West that gets the best of Janet, on the Alicia Keys-sounding US single, "I Want You".

Other stand-out tracks include, "All Nite (Don't Stop)", which has "hit" written all over it. "Like You Don't Love Me" steps into the intimate territory, as Janet insists her lover treats her as if she were a stranger, i.e. make an effort.

Unfortunately Jackson insists on exploring her sexual appetite in graphic deatil on "Moist" and "Warmth", the only tracks, bar the unnecessary interludes, that let the album down.

The R&B direction certainly suits Janet Jackson, but is nowhere near the quality of "The Velvet Rope".

* * * (Marc-Cork)

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