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Released: 11th April 2005.

The Brand New Heavies feat. Nicole Russo - SurrenderThe second release from The Brand New Heavies' aptly titled "AllAboutTheFunk" album is the sensational "Surrender". Again featuring lead vocals from the gorgeous Nicole Russo, this could quite possibly be their best offering yet. The vocals are slick and sexy, as Nicole's almost husky voice slides perfectly into a juicy rhythm. It's great to see one of the UK's brightest talents back on top form - it's been too long since something as funky as this was on the shelf. Long live the Heavies!

* * * * * (SholasBoy)

The Brand New Heavies' second single to feature Nicole Russo, this comes as a breath of fresh air to the over-polished and bland pop soul scene. An addictive hook, original-sounding vocals and a Latin tinge make this one of the finest songs by the Heavies yet. If you only buy one single this month, make it "Surrender".

* * * * (Aneta Janssen)

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