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Released: 6th November 2000.

Mary Mary - I SingsThe sister duo's second single from their great "Thankful" album isn't as catchy as their first, but certainly isn't bad either. It's another evangelistic song, their vocals are top quality, and the production is great. R&B music seems to be going through a tough phase at the moment, but as long as these girls are on the scene, we have little to worry about. If you liked their first single, you'll probably love this one too.

* * * * * (DS)

The funky gospel divas are back! "I Sings" is the second single to be lifted from their debut album "Thankful", and although it's not as instantly catchy or rousing as "Shackles", it still has something special about it. This song is definitely a club number, with its funky, dirty beats mixed in with storming vocals from the divine duo. The video also stars Brandy and Sisqo, so check it out!

* * * * (Chris Weller)

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