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Released: 11th April 2005.

Freeloaders feat. The Real Thing - So Much Love To GiveThe house fever continues with this, the next dance number attempting to make it big. "So Much Love To Give" is a classic house track with a light and breezy melody and simple lyrics. The song has become extremely popular in the clubs with excellent mixes from Milk & Sugar and Morjac, and is a must to become the symbol of the this year's Ibiza season.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

It was two years ago last Christmas that French DJs Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon had one of the biggest club tunes of the season. That track was a looped house song called "So Much Love To Give". For some reason, it never actually got a full UK release, creeping into the Top 75 on import copies alone - surprising for what could have been a Top 20 hit. Anyway, the Freeloaders are one of a number of acts who are pretty much taking that song and crediting it with their own name, and sadly they'll get a big hit out of it. Can we have some originality please?

* * (matthew_dixon)

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