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Released: 11th April 2005.

Maroon 5 - Must Get OutThey had one of 2004's best selling albums with "Songs About Jane", and while their follow up is still in the works, they're releasing this, the fifth single from it. A year ago when I first heard this, it immediately stood out on the album, and a year later, it still has the same appeal. Unfortunately, album sales and a lack of promotion will hurt this song's chart performance, but it's still among the best songs they've done.

* * * * (FreakyFlyBry)

The multi-platinum selling pop/rock band return with the fifth single from the "Songs About Jane" album. "Must Get Out" isn't particularly different to the album's previous releases, and with news of a new album on the way, this will probably be the final single from "Songs About Jane". This is one of those tracks that will either cause chart havoc or drop like than a brick. Personally I think it will drop.

* * (Jabba Dubba)

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