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Released: 11th April 2005.

Stereo Star with Mia J - Utopia (Where I Want To Be)Starting life as an original instrumental composition from the team of Matt Frost and Aaron Gilbert, "Utopia" treads a path all too familiar amongst today's dance productions: the dreaded vocalisation! So, have they pulled it off? Yes and no, in my view. Mia J's performance is perfectly adequate, and the result is catchy, if a little US teeny rock sounding. The main issue now is that it's perhaps a bit too poppy, which somewhat weakens the cool-sounding edge that defined the instrumental. That aside, this is still a perfectly enjoyable listen.

* * * * (Cypher)

Here's a surprise, a house song I actually like! But then, it's just so catchy, it's irresistible. Definitely very different to all the other house tracks around at the moment, as it's original and not repetitive. Unfortunately though, it won't do well, as radio and TV prefer to support awful dance songs instead of this one. A big shame.

* * * * (Andre Caetano)

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