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Released: 13th November 2000.

Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess With My ManThe R&B supergroup, whose first single wasn't a commercial success, are back with another fantastic single. Just to recap, they're made up of parts of En Vogue, A Tribe Called Quest and Tony Toni Tone. After listening to their album, this wouldn't have been my choice for a single, but that doesn't mean it's bad by a long way. The vocals and production are fantastic; the group as a whole are a pure work of genius. If you're an R&B fan, this is for you.

* * * * * (DS)

Lucy Pearl return with the second track from their self-titled album. This time Raphael Saadiq takes a step back to let Dawn Robinson handle the vocals. This track is more hummable than "Dance Tonight", which makes it stick in the mind a lot more. The last single didn't even make the Top 40, so let's hope this one does better.

* * * (Carrie Kidd)

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