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Released: 18th April 2005.

Ja Rule feat. Lloyd - Caught UpJa Rule is back with an infectious slice of rap/hip-hop. This is the third release from the "R.U.L.E" album and should provide another Top 10 hit for him, especially after the success of his last single "Wonderful", featuring Ashanti and R. Kelly, which shot to No. 1. This song has a great beat and the chorus is good too, but it seems to lack something.

* * * (abidhaq)

Over the years, Ja Rule's distinctive voice has graced many rap songs, as well as featuring with singers such as Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti. While many of his past songs had catchy hooks, this one just lacks... anything. It's a sure sign that he should retire, but he never seems to go away!

* (FreakyFlyBry)

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