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Released: 13th November 2000.

Precious - New BeginningUnfortunately, these former Eurovision hopefuls don't seem to be taking off very well. The style of this song takes them back to the roots of their second single, "Rewind". It's pop/R&B with a hint of Britney added for good measure, and the result is pretty good. It's definitely much better and more catchy than their last single, and ought to be a big hit, though I'm not confident it'll even enter the Top 20.

* * * * (DS)

I must admit, I really like this track. When I first saw the "New Beginning" video I thought that this could be the track to get these girls more of the recognition that they truly deserve. Their debut album is out later this month, and after the great single "It's Gonna Be My Way", the group have produced a top class effort

* * * * (Ian Gordon)

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