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Released: 11th December 2000.

Not only is Christmas a time of peace, joy and presents, it's also the time when dire excuses for music are released in the hope of cashing in on the nation's good spirit. Here's a prime example! A soppy, weak, Robson & Jerome style ballad with a talentless 'celebrity' kicking off his five album record deal (the sad thing is I'm not joking!) The only rescuing factor is that it's a charity record, but that's no excuse for releasing such rubbish!

* (CJB)

It was inevitable that someone from the Big Brother house was going to become a pop star (I was going to use the word phenomenon) so here you are. It's all for charity so there is something good in this record, even if it's not the song or the singing...

* (Mr Kwes)

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