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Released: 18th December 2000.

Oxide & Neutrino - No Good 4 MeFrom the first strains of "Bound 4 Da Bound, Bound We're Back Again!" you know immediately this is going to be similar to "Bound 4 Da Reload" which made No. 1 in the summer. Do they have the ability to do it again? Probably not at Christmas! Anyway, this new track, with its instantly recognisable sample, is another perfectly produced slice of UK garage and hopefully should chart well, (provided they don't do what their group the So Solid Crew did and get disqualified).

* * * (matthew_dixon)

Yet more UK garage from the sampling teenage duo, who are suffering from the 'follow up song that sounds very much like the last one, but not quite as good' syndrome. It takes the lyrics from The Prodigy's 1994 hit "No Good (Start The Dance)", but with that stupid rapping over the top. Not very impressive, but will probably make the Top 10.

* * (Ben Cook)

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