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Released: 8th February 1999.

OK, it's only February, but I'll bet that come December this is in a lot of people's "best of the year" list. A frantic piece of pop music with truly funny lyrics, if you can keep up. It's not even three minutes long, but as pure and perfect a piece of pop music as I've heard in years. Buy it.

* * * * * (Stephen Moore)

Canadians Barenaked Ladies are one of those bands that are in the business for a laugh, and certainly that sums up this song. Brilliant vocals and a catchy chorus, even mentioning LeAnn Rimes in the lyrics! I think this band are great especially as I saw them back in 1992 on a Radio 1 roadshow with Jakki Brambles. Groovy.

* * * * (Andy Lamb)

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