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Released: 15th March 1999.

Robbie is the man of the moment. Even if you can't stand him, you can't escape him. And if you like him, you're bound to love the third cut from his "I've Been Expecting You" album. The acoustic guitar sound shows Robbie's voice at it's best, and, judging by the airplay it's picking up, it could give him his second solo number one.

* * * * * (David Lucas)

The guy can't go wrong whatever he releases! This a classic kind of song - strong chorus, catchy lyrics - but it isn't the best on his album. That's what I don't get, he has fantastic songs on his album, and he releases one of the weaker ones. But the weaker songs are still great! The song doesn't live up to "Millennium" and "No Regrets", but it's sure as hell a pretty good try.

* * * * (Tom Hall)

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