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Released: 29th March 1999.

Another Level - Be Alone No MoreAnother Level are taking risks. Not only do they cover the classic Simply Red song "Holding Back The Years", but they also re-release their debut single, the '99 version. The jury's still out on how different it is to the original, but there's not much new here at all, apart from an attempt to raise money for Capital FM's "Help A London Child" charity.

* * * (David Lucas)

Sounds familiar, doesn't it. After the success of their funkier numbers, it looks like the guys decided to leave the sweet poppy tunes for other bands. The new remix of their rather sugary debut single fits in with what Another Level are about. Not funky enough for me, but given that everybody already knows it, there are big chances for another hit.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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