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Released: 29th March 1999.

Mariah Carey - I Still BelieveSo you've seen the Inno-Saint Mariah, the Daydreaming-Barbie Mariah, and the Sexy-Honey-Sweetheart Mariah. "What now?" I hear you ask. Punk-Rebel Mariah? No... with the new single she shows she still has everything under control, a quality Mariah classic.

* * * * * (Aneta Janssen)

The 'legend' that is the tonsil stretching Mariah Carey has made almost as many love ballads as Celine Dion. Whilst others may envy her vocal range, some can't stand it, and this one won't change their tune. It's just like nearly every other record she's released, which isn't an entirely bad thing, but perhaps she could try a Steps style pop dance song? The dance routine would be good.

* * * (David Lucas)

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