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Released: 29th March 1999.

Eminem - My Name IsAfter a major slip up with Vanilla Ice, white rappers are back big style! Eminem is the nastiest person in rap, with some scary, rude, and downright disgusting lyrics. But both the music and lyrics are great, and it's the best rap tune so far this year. With this single (and his whole album) Eminem has surpassed some of the pros, like Puff Daddy and Pras. Slim Shady is his name, and conquering the rap world is his game!

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

This song is incredibly funny. Eminem is a young, white American rapper, and this is simply one big rapped joke. His amusing raps, and equally amusing video, make fun of celebrities including the Spice Girls, Marilyn Manson and Bill Clinton, among others. The funniest song I've heard in a while.

* * * (Gil Kazmir)

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