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Released: 5th April 1999.

Alisha's Attic - BarbarellaThe Poole sisters are back with a fantastic new single from their second album "Illumina". The song was produced by their good friend, Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, who also produced the girls' first album "Alisha Rules The World". With a catchy chorus and lush harmonies, a Top 20 chart entry is guaranteed, maybe even their first Top 10.

* * * * * (Roy Zack)

Karen & Shellie return with the third single from their "Illumina" album. And... it's almost totally average. It's not going to set the world alight, and it's unlikely to bother the charts too much. The song is pretty much instantly forgettable. A real shame, they're capable of so much more than this.

* * (Stephen Moore)

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