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Released: 12th April 1999.

Honeyz - Love Of A LifetimeThis third single from the Honeyz fantastic debut album "Wonder No. 8" is a sure chart stomper! Fantastic harmonies, a wonderful slow intoxicating rhythm and clever lyrics make this a high quality R&B-soaked single which will definitely reach the Top 5. Heavenli's sudden departure should in no way affect the success "Love Of A Lifetime" will have!

* * * * * (Lachlan Sutherland)

This track, the third from the girls' debut album "Wonder No. 8", sees things slowing down a little with a classy ballad. With the promotion they seem to be getting at the moment through the departure of Heavenli, there's a good chance this song could do just as well as its predecessors. A nice slow song that looks set to give the girls another Top 10 hit.

* * * (Paul Scarth)

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