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Released: 19th April 1999.

Jennifer Brown is the latest young, talented, Swedish singer to make it big in Europe. "Tuesday Afternoon" is a great, fun pop track, with some nice Spanish guitar in the background. Give this girl a chance, 'cos she might just be the next big thing. There's even a moral behind the song: "Just don't party on a weekday!"

* * * * * (Gil Kazmir)

I'm sorry to say that Jennifer Brown's new single doesn't make her look good at all. The first single from her second album, she's taken a whole new direction with it, and it's not as good. Jennifer used to be like Mariah Carey but much better, and now she sounds like Sheryl Crow, but not as good. It's a shame, she could've been so much more. Still, I do like Sheryl Crow.

* * * (Tom Hall)

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