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Released: 19th April 1999.

Emilia's follow up to her chart-breaking debut single "Big Big World" is a lot more vibrant and outgoing. This song speeds up the tempo with a bouncy, feel-good tune with some simple but effective lyrics. Everything about this song, including the video, shows that Emilia has become more confident with her singing. And it's noticeable!

* * * * (Lachlan Sutherland)

The second single from Swedish sensation Emilia is very simple and melodic, and happier than the first one. She at least writes her own songs, but if she's after something more than popularity, then there's still much to work on. But since it's spring, this unambitious tune might actually work. For me it's more of a disappointment than a "good sign".

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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