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Released: 19th April 1999.

Westlife - Swear It AgainThis catchy debut single from WestLife (formerly known as WestSide) will be a major hit worldwide! Some may say they're just another Boyzone or Backstreet Boys, and that we don't need yet another group like this, but WestLife really are more. If you give them a chance and listen to their music, you'll see what I mean. Their voices are brilliant and their first single is a masterpiece.

* * * * * (Lachlan Sutherland)

Boyzone have come out with another slice of mediocre pop which has all the girls from babies to grannies singing along. What do you mean it's not Boyzone? Oh yeah! The Boyzone-endorsed and supported WestLife's first single is basically pure Boyzone. I'm sorry to say that it's cheesy, and boybands are annoying enough without copying someone else's style. I really don't like this, but unfortunately I'll have to predict at least a Top 5 hit.

* (Tom Hall)

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