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Released: 3rd May 1999.

Kula Shaker have kind of gone downhill after the release of the excellent "Hush". Their music hasn't been quite as well-received of late as it could have. Never mind though, Crispian and the boys keep trying, but aren't really getting anywhere. "Shower Your Love" is another laid-back style, Indian-feeling tune, pretty similar to their last single. Be surprised if it reaches the Top 10.

* * * (Tom Hall)

Once upon a time, Kula Shaker were brilliant. Anthemic rock songs with a slight 60s sound, fused with a mystical Indian vibe, made them unique, yet popular. The second track from their second album shows that something, somewhere went wrong. The retro sound has gone too far, and the Indian influences seem more of a hindrance than a help.

* * (Amir)

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