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Released: 10th May 1999.

1000 Clowns are a fresh new band, quite original compared to other groups that have popped up the last year. Using a similar trick to what The Offspring did with "Pretty Fly" - male vocals with female backing vocals repeating the same line (word in the this case) - and with lyrics that every teenage boy can relate to, 1000 Clowns pull it off in a cool poppy-rap way.

* * * * (Gil Kazmir)

This song is a kind of old-school PM Dawn-ish slice of nice hip-hop for a change, with a few funny lyrics, and a nice hook. The problem is that the title is very true - the guy can't rap very well at all, which kind of spoils the song really. Well it's nice, but if Eminem was rapping, it would've been perfect!

* * * * (Tom Hall)

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