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Released: 17th May 1999.

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss MeSixpence None The Richer have already conquered their native USA with this song, currently sitting in the upper reaches of the US chart. Released here a week before the film it's featured in ("She's All That"), similar chart success can be expected. Wonderfully dreamy and laid back, with a sound very much like The Sundays, this is one of those songs to fall in love to.

* * * * (Amir)

It's been big in America, and it's recieved loads of radio airplay, but can it live up to this in the UK charts? Well, the song's alright, but in my opinion it's a bit bland. The vocals aren't particularly amazing, and the same style has been done loads of times before. It'll be a hit, but you won't be seeing it in my collection.

* * * (David Lucas)

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