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Released: 24th May 1999.

Garbage - You Look So FineGarbage have gone all the way through the excellent Version 2.0 now, from start to end. This is probably the last single, and still there's no sign of a drop in quality. Shirley's voice is as powerful as ever, and it's another masterpiece. The only thing that counts against it is that surely everyone who might buy it has Version 2.0 by now. Still...

* * * * * (Stephen Moore)

Garbage are just getting better and better with each single release. They've saved the best for the last, since this is their fifth, last, and best release so far from their "Version 2.0" album. This track is so fine! A sweet ballad that fits Shirley's voice perfectly, and was featured on Dawson's Creek during that famous skinny dip scene.

* * * * * (Gil Kazmir)

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