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Released: 31st May 1999.

21st Century Girls - 21st Century GirlsShampoo meets Republica. Or should that be shouty meets loud guitar? They play their own instruments, which I suppose is a plus, but the vocals leave a lot to be desired. They shout it rather than sing it, and backed with dodgy lyrics (21st Century Girls, guitars and all that make up; take a dive Celine) this group are destined for the bargain bin. As I said, Republica with Shampoo's vocals.

* (David Lucas)

These girls are all teenagers, they all apparently play their music, and they are allegedly going to be even bigger than the Spice Girls. I doubt it. They look scarier than the Spice Girls, and they're even more annoying! The song is nothing special, it's just pop music covered up with guitars really. Think female Hansons who love Marilyn Manson.

* (Tom Hall)

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