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Released: 31st May 1999.

Another Level - From The HeartThis is a great sweeping ballad from the soundtrack to "Notting Hill". The Another Level guys are hardly showing even a hint of R&B in this, but it's still a fantastic song, with Dianne Warren's lyrics sung beautifully by Wayne and Dane.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

OK, I'll come clean - I hate boy bands. They're cynical attempts to take money from emotionally vulnerable young girls looking for safe crush material. Occasionally however I'll hear something good from them, something like Take That's "Back For Good" that makes you think maybe there's some integrity there. This isn't one of those times. Bland sappy boy-band-by-numbers for the fans. I'm sure it'll be popular, but that doesn't make it good.

* (Stephen Moore)

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