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Released: 7th June 1999.

The third single from the bouncy, feel good, poptastic album "Believe" is a great dancey number. Following up the singalong success of "Believe" and "Strong Enough", I'm sure this song will go far in the charts yet again. Perhaps a notch below the former two, it's not quite as catchy, but nevertheless seems to be a song that the audience wants.

* * * * (Lachlan Sutherland)

Cher releases the third single from her latest album and it's another "dance stomper", which is bound to get the kids on the dancefloor at their next school disco. It's a shame, because the teachers will also be there, dancing on the tables. It reminds me of Cher's last two songs, which is probably a bad thing, as they weren't really up to much either.

* * (Tom Hall)

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