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Released: 14th June 1999.

Jewel - Down So LongJewel is the hidden gem (excuse the pun) of American music. She's yet to have a real hit in the UK (Nos. 41 and 32), but she deserves it more than anything. This song is one of the most radio-friendly ones out of the 200+ she's written, and it's excellent. I've dreamed of Jewel going to No. 1, but with this I'm expecting a Top 40 hit, if she's lucky. I really hope the British public someday see the light that is Jewel.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

After a series of sell-out concert performances, this looks set to be the single that gives Jewel her long-overdue big break in the UK charts. The strong melody and innovative lyrics make it easy to understand why "Down So Long" is now picking up substantial airplay on MTV and independent local radio.

* * * * * (Ian Conroy)

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