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Released: 14th June 1999.

Adam Rickitt - I Breathe AgainFor an ex-soap star and teenage heartthrob, this is a surprisingly good track. It's well produced, is a good, happy song, and Adam's vocals aren't that bad either! Good on him for doing something a bit different.

* * * * (DS)

Adam 'Oh look, all my clothes have fallen off >again' Rickitt is the latest in a long line of soap stars turned pop stars. He claims he's only doing it for a laugh. Which is good because if this was a serious single I'd kill myself. It's a dancey, intimidating club music type of song, featuring lots of heavy breathing from Mr Rickitt. It's alright, and the naked video will keep his female fans happy, but that'll be the only reason.

* * * (David Lucas)

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